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My name is Louise Lagendijk, I am a medical doctor and have an extensive research background in molecular genetics and obstetrics in the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. During my education and research I focused on Women's Health. 
I am a certified holistic health practitioner, mindfulness trainer and next to my studies I have always been fascinated by positive psychology, mind-body medicine as well as the latest medical technologies.
The way women’s bodies and minds work deeply fascinates me, especially in the rat race of daily life. It is therefore my mission to re-establish the mind-body connection in women and redirect them back to their innate inner wisdom.
I started The Core Women Care, a holistic women’s practice in 2018, to be able to think outside the box, merge Eastern and Western medicine, and live my dream.
My dream is to help as many women as possible feel happy, vital and balanced- from soul to cell.

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I am passionate about Western medical science and love diving into (epi)genetics to gain understanding of how preventative lifestyle changes based on Eastern ancient wisdom can affect our genes. I practice so called ‘functional medicine’, the medicine of the ‘why’, aiming at understanding the origin of the ailment rather than treating symptoms. 


Because even though I am a medical doctor, I don’t treat problems or symptoms, I treat people. I treat women. I tend to ‘see things differently’. Every woman is different with her own physiology, psychology and preferences. It’s not one size fits all.

First off we establish a profound overview of your ailments, your history and current lifestyle. If necessary extensive laboratory testing will be done to determine potential causes of the ailments. Based on that I create a personalized plan that promotes maximum health and happiness.

First off I exclude any medical cause that needs specialized treatment or a specialist. Then, I turn to lifestyle interventions based on a mind-body approach to provide personalized tools for daily life as well as filling potential nutritional gaps. When it comes to lifestyle interventions I turn to integrative medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, positive psychology, mindfulness and energy therapy. Because in my opinion we can eat, sleep, move and think our way to optimal vitality and happiness. 

ME: Inner_about
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