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Reset your body.

Reignite your mind.

Realign your soul.


The Conscious Health Journey is an exclusive 1-1 private 3 month journey in which I use Eastern and Western practices to set up your body, determine your health status, find out your hormonal status, vitamine levels and food intolerances to then clean & reset the body.


Add in the nutritional support you need. Receive your personalised health program to start with, then I guide you for 12 weeks straight- 1 hour a week, text me when you need me. I am there to hold & guide you. We dive into the mind & emotional layers of where you are and where you want to go. What's preventing you from getting to the Core of what you want? 

Realign your soul, getting in touch again with purpose and why you're here, so you come out of these 3 months feeling revived, reset, and a balanced from deep within, knowing you can rely on you, whatever life throws at you- from this day on and can take on the world and fully thrive!

Note: investment is between 3500-5000 euros depending on the intensity of the journey; all includes bloodwork, personal plan, detox programme and 12 private 1-1 sessions. 

For the 3 month health journey you can apply by filling out the contact form for spots opening in July 2023.
I do pro bono cases for those unable to financially 


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