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You've read the books. 
You know what inner work to do.
Now let's practice.  

Radical online Journeys backed up by neuroscience, psychology, holistic medicine and energetics- with a dash of spirituality.

Your support for daily life. Because you know what to do. And we are here to guide you through.




Live events designed to rise up to your fullest potential. 

Discover your purpose, unlock your ultimate health, reconnect to your body or reignite your passion in your relationship.

All thriving women share one characteristic: they live from the Core of who you are, on purpose and in touch with themselves. Seeking out the most effective tools to use in daily life to help them care deeply and rise up to their fullest potential. Be among those who care. Be among those who achieve their wildest dreams from the Core of who they are. 

During a live event or retreat led by dr. Louise Lagendijk you will recreate you own story, tune back in with yourself and rise up to love, care and share your gifts from your Core. 

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At The Core we aim at educating women on how their bodies and minds work, while inspiring them to take tremendous care of themselves. We focus on the health and wellbeing of women to live a life that is balanced, joyful and in touch with who they truly are.

Because we believe you can be the working woman, the caring mother, the health freak, the loving friend and the social enthusiast. All we need is some support. And that's where we come in. 


“It changed my whole mindset. I learned so many things I use in my daily life right now. About meditation, self care moments, how to react when I feel stressed and how breathing can help me in so many situations.” 

—  Name, Title