Disconnect to Reconnect.


A one day retreat in the countryside to reconnect to your own inner wisdom.


Engage the body, witness the mind and tap into sacred women's wisdom.




The Inner Wisdom Retreat is a 1-day retreat led by dr. Louise where you dive deep into the physical, mental and emotional layers that prevent from tapping into our sacred women's wisdom. 


Because the body knows. 


Get tools to stay balanced in daily life based on Ayurveda, have fun during the Adaptogen Elixir workshop, shed what you no longer need during the Fire Ceremony and Realign with your Soul during the Cacao Ceremony.



  • 10-10:30AM           Welcome

  • 10:30-12AM           Conscious Body Work: Yoga x Energetic Movement

  • 12-12:30AM            Tea Time powered by Katanski Concepts

  • 12:30-1:30PM        Workshop Inner Wisdom: Sacred Self Care & Ayurveda

  • 1:30-2:30PM          Lunch powered by Katanski Concepts

  • 2:30-4PM                Adaptogen Elixir Workshop: Tonics & Oils for Daily Balance

  • 4PM-5PM                Fire Ceremony - Shed the Layers

  • 5PM-6PM                Silent Walk - Let Nature answer

  • 6PM-7PM                DIY your Ayurvedic Soup powered by Katanski Concepts

  • 7-9PM                       Cacao Ceremony- Tap into your Soul

  • 9PM                           Closing

What's included:

  • 1 day all inclusive program led by dr. Louise

  • Healthy and delicious meals powered by Katanski Concepts 

  • A luscious place in nature (think tippi, horses and donkeys etc!)

  • A beautiful intimate group of like minded women, maximum of 8 per retreat




A home away from home in the North of Holland close by the sea. The area of Schoorl, known for its energy, tranquility and lush nature. The estate has horses, donkeys, chickens walking around whilst also providing a high end retreat environment.


It's nothing short of a true home coming. A space where many come to reset. To disconnect to reconnect. To find peace away from the stresses of daily life. 


With one of the owners being a chef, who cooks the most delicious healthy foods tailored to those who spend their days or weekends there, it is a treat for the body as well as the soul.

For retreat inquiries, private dining and more info

'When we start to honour the wisdom of the body, we open the channel to Source...

- Dr. Louise