Integrative Doctor's COVID-19 Health Advice

A couple of days ago I was pretty aloof about the whole COVID-19 situation. Yet since I learned what's going on in our hospitals, I feel that we must take tremendous care and support ourselves and each other wherever possible. I just wanted to inform you from a preventative medical standpoint on what's going on and what you can do yourself. Below I share with you what YOU can do for yourself and your family to take care.

First, why is COVID-19 not like a normal flu?

The virus is way more virulent meaning it spreads way faster. 1 person infect on average 2 others. So it’s exponential. The flu does not necessarily cause respiratory tract problems which can be fatal, this virus does. There are too many people at once causing overload on the healthcare system. My colleagues in the hospital are calling this a crisis. The hospitals can’t handle the amount of people coming in with respiratory tract symptoms. There will simply not be enough beds or oxygen machines to keep people alive.

Young healthy people won’t be affected (even though young people have been administered to the hospital). We have to take care of one another, make sure you don’t affect those who can’t afford to get sick or they won’t survive.

Then, what can we do ourselves?

Together with my colleague integrative medicine doctors we established this COVID Preventative Health Advice based on the knowledge we have today:

1. Follow the advice from the RIVM:

- Stay at home in case of following symptoms: cough, soar throat, head ache, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath.

- Avoid ALL social gatherings

- Practice (inter)personal HYGIENE. Do not touch steel objects with your bare hands, as the virus stays there 12hrs.

- Wash hands continuously. Do not touch each other. Keep 2 m distance.

Even if you don’t have fever, take this advice into account please.

2. Alter your own Lifestyle:

- Eat healthy, fruits and vegetables. Don’t hoard pasta, go for greens.

- Get enough sleep, movement and relaxation in, as regular.

- When at home, keep moving, read something interesting, stay busy.

- Cold showers (Wim Hof method) to boost immunity.

- Stay calm. Let’s all keep a sane mind, and be smart. This will be over soon.

- Take this time to reconnect to yourself and those you care about.

3. Boost your Immune System:

- Take Vitamin C 3000mg per day. Preferably ascorbaat, but ascorbinezuur will do. Science shows Vit C IV for the prevention AND curation. If not used, you pee it out. You use it or lose it.

- Vitamin D 3000ie per day to boost your gut and immune system.

- Vitamin B complex to boost our immune system and mood.Magnesium to relax (if necessary).

- Omega 3 2 caps a day.

- Your regular mulitvitamin.

- To calm the nervous system: Ashwaganda.

- Other: ginger, turmeric, Manuka honey.

4. In case of feverish/ flu like feeling:

- Take up to 5000mg of Vit C daily (spread out over the day)

- Take Echinacae up to 8 tablets a day

- Don’t suppress the fever using Paracetamol or Ibuprofen! This gives more complications and longer disease duration. When really needed don’t use Ibuprofen as a study showed this only makes it worse.

- Minimize food intake, especially sugar

- Drink lots of water and herbal tea 3L per day

- Stay away from others

- After 24 hrs free of symptoms you can consider yourself non-virulent so you can't contaminate others.

Turning inward...

It may also be a time to reflect and go inward, to aks what really matters most. In our go go go world, to step back and take some time to just BE. Fostering CONNECTION.

How to turn inward when things around you get hectic?

- Sit in a comfortable position, in a place you won’t get disturbed. Maybe play some grounding music see here. Have something to write on ready.

- Take a deep breath in, and out.

- Feel your body sinking into the floor or the chair.

- Make contact with the center of the earth and feel as if you’re growing roots into the center of the earth.

- Breathe into your heartspace. Stay there for 10 breaths, expanding your heart with every breath.

- Then ask your heart what it wants you to know now. If a word comes up, just start writing whatever comes. It can be an answer to a question or some advice on what your intuition is telling you. Trust this. It never lies. Especially now.

How to keep going when working from home?

This article from Forbes has some great tips on working from home.

A Final Note Loves,

It’s a time to come together, to unite. Within and without. To trust and to choose love over fear. To reflect on ourselves and on what matters most. It's a time of WE over ME. It’s a reset, in our own microcosm and on macro level. Let’s stay grounded, humble and loving and take tremendous care of ourselves and others.

Lots of love,