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Being a woman in 2020

Have you ever wondered if you're living your true purpose? What would happen if you'd make choices in line with who you really are? 

Do you get overwhelmed by the various (well intentioned) health and wellness advise out there. Can taking time for yourself feel like a challenge?


Because self care is more than just taking a bath.

Do you want to feel more connected? To yourself and those around you? Do you want to learn the best about feeling your best self and get tools in your toolbox for life?

I got you dear.


The Core Essentials Program is a 6 month program consisting of 6  3hr evening group sessions:

The Core Session, The Health Session, The Mind Session, The Chill Session, The Love Session and the Spirit Session.

I host FREE introduction sessions. How about you come check it out first and see if this is for you...

'There is a relationship between you and you. It's the most important one.' X
Core session

Set yourself up for success. Wanting to know where you're going requires vision and a plan. During this session we discover the primary drive of what shapes our destiny and our daily experience. 

We discover what to move away from that causes us pain and where we find pleasure. Creating life at the next level.

What would it be like to have the ultimate career, relationship, health, love and joy?


Life purpose

Shape your destiny 

Health session

It's easy nowadays to get overwhelmed by the various health and wellness advice out there. And every woman's body is uniquely different. To have great physical vitality and balance, we must educate ourselves.

During this session, we dive into science-backed women's health and ancient wisdom so you can become the expert on your own body.


Women's health science


Mind session

One of the most liberating realizations is that we don't have to believe our thoughts and can ultimately choose them.

In this session we take a closer look at what our mind tells us, which background tape is playing and how to deal with an inner critic. All so we can train ourselves to change our thinking and thereby ultimately our lives.


The power of the mind

Subconscious reprogramming

Chill session

Life goes fast and so do we. Finding moments of relaxation during the day while 'trying to do it all' can be a challenge.

During this session we dive into carving out time for yourself and apply relaxation tools into your life.


Self care

Relaxation tools

Love session

Relationships are God's playground, and they determine the quality of our lives. In our relationship to others, we learn the most about ourselves, our fears and our patterns.

In this session we take a closer look at how we show up in our (love) relationships, masculine and feminine energies and how to improve the connections and love with those we hold dear.


Masculine and feminine energy

Shape your ultimate relationship

Spirit session

One of the most unshakeable realizations is to know we are ultimately guided in this life. When we feel connected to something greater than ourselves, we're driven by the very highest level of achievement, whether that means God, Universe or a set of values to live by. 

During our last session we explore spirituality in the broadest sense and we reconnect you back to your essence.


Universe and stuff

Plan of purpose 

We dance. We laugh. We share. We grow.

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