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Being a woman in 2020

We can do it all, we just need support

"I recommend this to all women! 


"Each time I got back from a session, I felt super motivated to increase my quality of living!

It deepened my knowledge on how a woman's body and brain work, it taught me how to pursue a healthy and more conscious way of living, it gave me more insight into how I've become the woman I am today and to keep on dreaming!”



“Louise is a very loving creature with her heart in the right place. She is really present, and you feel she is there for you!

The Essentials Program is a great built-up in information in a very nice space, with great people and with connection flowing through the room. Louise gives an amazing balance between getting to know how the mind works on all the important topics in life and gives you the tools of being reflective AND taking action as well!”




Essentials Program Intensive


A transformative weekend of reconnecting you to your purpose, unlocking your ultimate health and abundant life and deep love. 

We’ll dive into deep work, the power of the mind, sacred self care and must-have tools from all over the world from Eastern and Western science.

Show up as the woman you came here to be and rise up to your fullest potential in work, health and most of all love. 

DATE: 10-12th September 2020 




MIND​ -  In the Mind Courses, we take a closer look at what our mind tells us, which background tape is playing and how to deal with an inner critic so that you can take charge of your mind. Yes, you can train yourself to change your thinking and thereby ultimately your life.

BODY- Reconnect to your body, learn to listen. Let your intuition guide you. During the different courses, we dive into science-backed women's health and ancient wisdom so you can become the expert on your own body. Think of PMS guides, how to balance your hormones and way more. 

SPIRIT- Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. The courses covering spirit are about creating life at the next level. 

DATE: Coming soon

'There's a relationship between you and you- it's the most important one'

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