Disconnect to reconnect.

Taking your Body, Mind and Spirit to the next level.  

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Introduce 2021 to a new you. Nothing is worth more than your inner peace. Set yourself up for succes in 2021 by taking a break, detoxing and showing yourself some self-care. Start the new year on the right page, with yourself in mind. You are worth it. 

So what's happening? Join The Core x Zoku as you tune into tranquility, calm and happiness. We will take you through a variety of activities and workshops designed to make you discover your soul during 3 day urban retreat. You'll be sure to turn on the magic of wellness, detox and self care and create a positive mindset along the way. There's no better way to take on the rest of 2021 than with gathering a clear outlook and positive energy. 

Wondering what you can expect? You can experience a 3 day all-inclusive retreat led by Dr. Louise Lagendijk. Alongside an intimate group of 24 women, you will be fully immersed in yoga, meditations, interactive sessions, and integrative wellness teachings - while resting head for the night in your very own Zoku Loft. All session will be tailored to your individual goals and each day has a new theme to align your focus.

DAY 1: 

Recharge - letting go of what is no longer needed

DAY 2: 

Reimagine - rediscovering your alignment for 2021

DAY 3: 

Revive - tools to integrate mind, body and spirit in daily life