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The unique makeup of each woman is different, along with both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total functioning.  By listening to you and learning your story, we run a full range blood test and together we engage, as a team, in the discovery process and make a personal plan to address your unique needs.

A diet that may work for your friend; gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, pescatarian or raw may not be suitable for your body. Because every body is different. 

The supplements you take because someone told you to may not be what your body needs. Ladies, we must know this before we absorb anything into our bodies! 

Let me guide you by bridging high-tech blood testing, Western medicine and ancient Ayurveda to get the lifestyle that is tailored to you, and supports you from your Core.

How it works...









Online Consultation

During a 30-minute consultation we assess your needs and desires. We will go through your medical background, current ailments, symptoms, lifestyle and stress levels. 

You will fill out a questionnaire and a blood test will be sent to your home.

At Home Health Test

We use the EMB test to assess your health status, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal balance, stress levels and food intolerances.


After our consultation and questionnaire is filled out you will receive a at home health testing kit. 

By doing a simple finger prick you can easily draw a blood sample and send the kit via post mail to our lab. (available in Europe and UK)

If you feel uncomfortable doing a self test, you can come by and I will draw your blood personally.


Results will be discussed 3 weeks later after receiving the lab results from your test. You will receive a phone call to discuss them.

Together we will look at it and make a personalized health and nutrition plan to guide you towards your optimal health and wellbeing.


If needed we will continue on the journey together where I will coach you and guide you. 

We are all in this together and achieving optimal health is a process. It's not one pill for every ill. It's the support of the body and the mind. Because everything is connected.


Full health assessment + blood testing + personalized plan = €265,-

Full health assessment + blood testing + personalized plan + 6 month personal guidance by one of our health coaches = €777,-

Full health assessment + blood testing + personalized plan + 6 month personal guidance by dr. Louise = €1200,-

Note: Health insurance covers part of the costs, depending on your insurance in the additional package (aanvullend pakket)

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"I see so many women struggle with distress and discomfort in their bodies, not knowing where it comes from. Going from one well-intentioned health advice to the other without knowing what's really going on in their bodies. 

We must know what our bodies need based upon lab testing, we must understand our (Ayurvedic) body types so we can take tremendous care of our system and learn to tune into it. 

Doctors don't study health, they study Medicine, the science of pharma, to diagnose a disease and to treat it accordingly. I am more interested in the medcine of the Why. Where did your symptoms come from in the first place? Knowing that given half the chance the body will heal itself. 

And how can we support the body to feeling it's optimal levels of energy and vitality? That's a different story and I am here to look into just that with you!"

Love, Louise