At The Core we aim at educating women on how their bodies and minds work, while inspiring them to take tremendous care of themselves. We focus on the health and wellbeing of women to live a life that is balanced, joyful and in touch with who they truly are.

Because we believe you can be the working woman, the caring mother, the health freak, the loving friend and the social enthusiast. All we need is some support. And that's where we come in. 

Core[noun]: /kɔː/

The part of something that is central to it's existence or character. The heart, nucleus, quintessence, crux, body, basis.

At The Core in Amsterdam, we transcend traditional LIFE COACH, Relationship counselor, and Yoga. We are a meaningful women’s space. We care about self-esteem.

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Women. We are intuitive, sensitive, called crazy at times yet immensely powerful in our softness. We are sexual and spiritual, independent yet connected and deeply rooted while truly free. We create life, we feel and understand each other. Together we walk stronger and going through life feeling supported by each other creates a powerful feeling in all women. Because your vibe attracts your tribe.

At The Core we come together as women to share, shift paradigms and learn from and with other inspiring women.

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The Core Women Care

Drs. Louise Lagendijk

Amsteldijk 131 Amsterdam

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