Redefining self care for the modern day woman. Meet Louise

My name is Louise Lagendijk, I am a medical doctor with an extensive background in molecular genetics and obstetrics in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

During my education and research I focused on Women's Health. As a board-certified Integrative Medicine specialist I run my own holistic women's health practice called Women Care Inc. in Amsterdam.

I have always been fascinated by the way women's bodies and minds work, especially in the rat race of daily life. It is therefore my mission to re-establish the mind-body connection in women and redirect them back to their innate inner wisdom. 

Next to my private practice I founded The Core Women Care to be able to educate and inspire women to feel vibrant from cell to soul so that we can support and impact the woman of today and thereby generations to come.

I see health according to the '4 Pillars of Health':

Physical health: defined by how your body functions at this point, measurable in blood work and physical parameters. 

Mental health: the thinking processes determining what's going on in the mind, what we focus on and which background tape is playing.

Emotional health: emotion being defined as energy in motion, the triggers and traumas we hold determine where our energy goes in the body and mind

Spiritual health: the integration of our purpose in this life, the connection to ourselves and different dimensions and capacities of us as human beings.

Because even though I'm a medical doctor, I don't treat problems or symptoms, I treat people. I treat women. I tend to 'see things differently'. 

Every woman is different with her own physiology, psychology and preferences. It's not one size fits all. It's the unique expression of each individual woman that creates health and healing in this day and age.


One-one sessions

One-one sessions is where we meet in person and take it from there...

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