Redefining Self Care

for the Modern Woman

As women we have so many roles to fulfil these days and we want it all. We can do and have it all, all we need is some support.


And that's where we come in; because your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is our greatest interest.

With a deep passion for what makes women healthy- body, mind and soul we created the tools to reset and reconnect.

Connecting the dots where soul and science meet.


At The Core in Amsterdam, we transcend traditional LIFE COACH, Relationship counselor, and Yoga. We are a meaningful women’s space. We care about self-esteem.

Core[noun]: /kɔː/

The part of something that is central to it's existence or character. The heart, nucleus, quintessence, crux, body, basis.

The Team

Louise Lagendijk- Founder

After years of research and practice, dr. Louise Lagendijk has curated recipes to a peaceful mind, healthy body and ignited soul. As an MD in holistic women's health, former researcher at Harvard and yoga teacher- she is all about doing the inner work based on Western knowledge, fuelled by Eastern Wisdom. 

Join her from the comfort of your home or during one of the Live Events and experience a tranquillized journey to your inner-self. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all, you'll practice. Because the only journey is within. 

Danja Peters

With a background in psychology and as a Yoga and Pilates teacher, she is dedicated to inspire and educate others with the powerful tools of health and wellness she gratefully lives by.

She has a love for esthetics and intentional art and uses design to explore the intersect of well-being. All to define Self Care for the Modern Woman. 

You'll meet her at one of the Live Events, there to practice with you.

DSC09389 copy.jpg

'Women. We are intuitive, sensitive, called crazy at times yet immensely powerful in our softness. We are sexual and spiritual, independent yet connected and deeply rooted while truly free. We create life, we feel and understand each other. Together we walk stronger and going through life feeling supported by each other creates a powerful feeling in all women. Because your vibe attracts your vibe. 

At The Core we come together as women to share, shift paradigms and learn from and with other inspring women.'